Requirements for the Canadian Visa

There are a few documents that need to be prepared before starting the application process for the Canadian visa.

Moreover, some must be delivered to the Embassy after submitting the form online. This section describes the best way to prepare for the Visitor Visa application.


First, make sure that you comply with the following:

  • you are in a good state in terms of health
  • you have not been convicted for any criminal or immigration-related activities
  • you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the trip

Moreover, please prepare these documents to attach to your visa application:

  • a valid passport that will not expire for a minimum period of 6 months from the planned departure date
  • a completed medical exam
  • a letter of invitation (if traveling to visit family members or friends)

You must convince the immigration officer that you will go back to your home country once your trip is over. Present the ties that will get you back, such as having a job, family, a home.