Requirements for Canadian eTA Visa

eTA Canada is an electronic travel authorization that allows entry into Canada, featuring a simple and fast online application process.

Requirements for eTA Canada online application

eTA Canada requirements determine what an applicant must prepare to complete the online application for the Electronic Travel Authorization.

Travelers from eTA-eligible countries can enjoy a very straightforward online application process that allows them to avoid the need to visit any Canadian embassy or consulate.

Instead of going through a long and stressful visa application at the diplomatic mission, the eTA for Canada application can be completed in no time from the comfort of the applicant's home.

To ensure a quick and successful Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) application, applicants should prepare a valid passport and ensure access to a working electronic device connected to the Internet. Moreover, having access to an active email address and a valid means of online payment will be essential.

Should your nationality not be found on the list of countries eligible for eTA Canada, applicants should contact the nearest embassy or consulate and obtain a visa in a regular way. A regular visa application will also be necessary for all those travelers whose travel purposes differ from tourism, business, or transit.

Necessary documents

The requirements to apply for an eTA Canada are very standard ones and include being a holder of only one document, which is:

  • a passport issued by one of the eTA-eligible countries (its validity must be at least 6 months from the date of the intended travel date)

Important: Bear in mind that although the fact that your approved eTA Canada will remain valid for 5 years from the date of issue, its validity also depends on your passport's validity. In practice, it means that if your passport expires first, your eTA will automatically expire, too.

eTA Canada requirements on arrival

Upon your arrival in Canada, you should prepare only your valid passport for immigration control.

Holding a printed copy of our valid eTA is unnecessary as your Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is digitally linked to your passport. Border officials will verify if you have a valid eTA based on your valid passport.

Please remember that you should travel with the same passport that was linked to your approved Canadian eTA. Otherwise, you may encounter some issues upon arrival in Canada or even be denied entry to the country.

Other requirements for Canadian eTA

Apart from being a holder of a valid passport, it is essential to meet some technical requirements, including having access to:

  • an active email address to receive all the updates regarding your Canada eTA application
  • a valid method of online payment to cover the processing fee without which your eTA Canada will not be processed
  • a working electronic device to successfully complete your application and receive the approved eTA
  • stable Internet connection to avoid any unnecessary disruptions that could impact the result of your application for eTA Canada