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eTA Canada

What is eTA?

eTA Canada is an Electronic Travel Authorization system implemented in 2016 to pre-check foreign travelers who wish to visit Canada for tourism, business, or transit purposes. Anyone who comes from an eligible country that is visa-exempt must apply online for an eTA authorization prior to their trip.

Introducing eTAs instead of regular visas has greatly facilitated the process of obtaining an appropriate entry permit and traveling to Canada in general. Since the entire application procedure can be completed online and the approved e-Visas arrive at the applicant’s e-mail address, eTA is considered one of the easiest entry permits to get!

Maximum time of processing can take up to 72 hours; however, most applications are approved within minutes from submitting the form. Use any working device to get your eTA to Canada quickly delivered to your inbox.

Canada eTA: more information

This section presents all of the essential information about the Electronic Travel Authorization eTA to Canada. Read on to find out how long is the validity period, what is the number of permitted entries, and how high are the e-Visa costs.

Canadian eTA:

  • is a multiple-entry permit that allows numerous visits, with each one being as long as 6 months at a time
  • has a validity period of five years from the visa issue date
  • can be used for tourism, business, and transit purposes
  • links directly to the traveler’s passport; thus, it does not need to be printed
  • costs only 49 Euro

Who needs an eTA to Canada?

All travelers from the visa-exempt countries that wish to visit Canada by air need to apply for an eTA at least 3 days before their travel. Check the full list of eligible countries to see if you can get an eTA online. Please note! Only Canadian citizens, dual citizens, permanent residents, and US citizens do not need an eTA to visit Canada. US residents, on the other hand, are also obliged to obtain an eTA travel authorization upon traveling to Canada by air.

What can I do with an eTA Canada?

The Electronic Travel Authorization eTA to Canada serves as a multiple-entry permit for tourism, business, and transit usage. Read on to see what exactly can you do while on your trip to Canada.


  • all recreational and leisure activities
  • going on vacation
  • exploring Canada or going on a road trip across the country
  • visiting friends and family residing in Canada


  • negotiate co-operations and contracts
  • handle any business affairs in Canada with your partners
  • attend meetings and conferences
  • educate yourself on seminars


  • reach any final destination going through Canada without limiting yourself to only staying at the airport’s transit zone

Please remember that each stay can be as long as 6 months at a time, and your passport must stay valid throughout the whole duration of your trip.

How long is an eTA Canada valid for?

The best part about obtaining the Electronic Travel Authorization to visit Canada is its validity period. eTA stays effective for the whole 5 years from the visa issue date.

However, for your eTA Canada to remain valid for the whole five years, you must check if your passport will not expire for the same amount of time. Both documents are connected, and in case of losing your travel document, changing the data on it, or its expiry lead to eTA Canada becoming invalid.

Apply for an eTA online and use your multiple-entry permit to travel to Canada numerous times, with each stay being as long as 6 months at a time!